As part of its policy to prevent and combat corruption, the Groupe IMA provides you with reference documents for its main entities.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out the key principles for the development of Groupe IMA. It enables each employee to consider the attitude he or she should adopt in the delicate situations he or she may encounter in his or her relations inside and outside the company.
Read the Code of Conduct - document only available in French

The reporting procedure (alerts)

The French law known as SAPIN II on transparency and the fight against corruption provides for the establishment of a whistleblowing system which should facilitate the collection of red flags relating to acts or circumstances in violation of the Code of Conduct or to serious and/or illegal acts or acts that go against general public interest.
Refer to the reporting procedure (alerts) - document only available in French

The Charter of Ethics for service providers and stakeholders

Groupe IMA is committed to supporting and applying fundamental principles in the field of human rights, working conditions, the environment and combating corruption. For these reasons, Groupe IMA Group wants its suppliers and service providers which it uses on its behalf or on behalf of its principals to share the same ethical values and undertake to comply with this Charter of Ethics.
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The Charter for the offer and acceptance of business gifts

As part of its compliance programme, Groupe IMA has introduced policies and procedures to prevent corruption and influence peddling in its businesses.
The Gifts and Invitations Charter is part of this overall policy to prevent corruption. It clarifies/complements the principles laid down in the Code of Conduct, among others.
View the Charter for the offer and acceptance of business gifts - document only available in French